Critiquing Deadspin

One site that I like to frequent is (better known as simply Deadspin). Although Deadspin is somewhat more on a full site than a blog, it is very much a blog in nature. It’s design is simple and articles are posted in a stream on the main homepage of the site, like it often is on a blog.

Why I Read: Very simply, Deadspin is a sports site – but it’s a site that is not afraid to tip toe the line, if you will. The general sports media only covers what they are supposed to cover, but Deadspin covers a lot of the things that the sportswriters aren’t allowed to, or wouldn’t dare, cover. For example, the site is not afraid to call out a team or a player for doing something that they maybe should not have done. The content is what has me going back – not because it’s just sports (because I can find that anywhere), but because it’s sports with a spin on it.

Design/Layout: I said it before, but one of the beauty’s about Deadspin is it’s simplicity. There is a lot, probably too much, white space, but the article are listed starting with the most recent down the middle of the page with a menu style widget on the left. There are ads on the page, both display and native, but there is not a lot of fluff otherwise. The site is clean, simple, and easy to navigate, probably another one of the reasons I enjoy visiting.


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